Friday, May 30, 2008

Back to Cortland

So, I've unofficially begun my trip. At about 4 this afternoon I arrived in Cortland and Josh and myself have begun our final packing. Lets compare- Ross' total packing (save the clothes on my back)....

Now, lets compare that to what Josh is bringing....

OkI guess that doesn't look like a ton. But keep in mind that box behind him is coming too. Anyway it's like twice as much as me. Especially considering we're carrying all this shit on our bike.

Anyway, so here's the breakdown on my gear-

Casual Clothes-
3 t-shirts
3 pairs boxers
one pair khaki shorts
one pair sandals

Biking Gear-
2 pairs biking shorts
3 biking t-shirts
5 pairs socks
one pair biking kleets
2.5 liter water bladder
1L nalgene

Comfort clothes-
one hoodie
one pair sweatpants
one pair gym shorts

Camping gear-
Tent (big agnes seedhouse 2)
Tent footprint
Sleeping bag (20 deg, down bag)
Small Pillow
Sleeping pad
Stove (The Pocketrocket!)
Mess Kit

SPOT Satellite Tracker
Rape whistle/knife~
Small first aid kit

So that's what I can remember off hand. Josh has a fair bit more, but I don't have the time or patience to list it all out. Maybe if I figure out how to add file attachments on the blog I'll post his four page itemized list.

By the end of Monday I should have all of our body composition data compiled and pictures of pre-biking fat Ross up here. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is in the box and how the hell is he going to transport it?

Good luck fellas!

Alex said...

Ross, I forgot to install AIM on your computer. You can do it yourself or go to and just use their instant IM client, no installation needed.

MiaFace =) said...

um.... lol.... you took a rape whistle with you? lol, You're gonna' need it hotpants! ahahahha, hurry back so we can play computer games like the dorks we are!