Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bummin' Round

Saturday, July 5th. I woke up well before Josh and decided to let him sleep. I got up, worked on my blog for about 90 minutes before Josh got up. We had a bit of a serious talk about his health and whether we should take the day off and let him rest of continue on. Josh had been and continues to be a bit worried about our pace. He just doesn't want to run out of money or leave Jen alone too long. I completely understand but at the same time I can't have his health deteriorating any further it's just unsafe. Josh was adamant on trying to make some ground so we agreed to try and make it to Moorcroft which is about 30 miles from Gilette.

First things first, we needed to find Josh some appropriate headgear. We biked to Walmart to check out their inventory. It was shady so Josh watched the bikes while I quickly ran in for a haircut. I ended up walking out with a huge sandwich, a bandanna and an athletic shirt. A little splurge but I wanted something to cover my pale irish skin and I was tired of having sweat drip into my eyes! It was Josh's turn so I sat on their display furniture and relaxed.

Yeah baby, I'm stylin'.

Josh took a bit of time but I really didn't mind. It was shady. I popped my sunglasses on and relaxed. About 15 minutes later security came out and checked up on me. Apparently more than one person had reported than a young man had "passed out" on a lawn chair in front of the store. I appreciate the sentiment people but uh I'm fine. Kinda funny though.

Josh didn't find any head wear he liked so we biked a few miles down the road to a sporting good store. He did find something more suitable. The hat made him look like a total ass but at least his head would be less constricted but covered.

We sure look like asses, but hopefully it'll help.

Afterward, Josh wanted to find some new rain gear- seeing as his wasn't too effective. We went back to Walmart to look around. I don't fully recall but I'm pretty sure he didn't get anything.

All in all it was a fairly non productive day so far. It was well into the afternoon and we both agreed we wouldn't get very far if we tried today. We decided to stay in town for the night and get up super early tomorrow to maximize our day.

We went back to Crazy Woman Campgrounds and set up. I pitched tent and Josh decided to try out his hammock again. We called it an early night.

Trip Summary
Day's mileage- 6.1 (Day "off", 6th day of rest)
Total mileage- 1314.7

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