Sunday, June 8, 2008


I'm obviously a few days behind on my blogging. Not that any of YOU probably care.. but I think I've decided to make this more a diary for myself to keep track of things on the trip. Perhaps even the small and mundane details. So, sorry? Deal with it? Enjoy? I'll keep it coming as often as I can!

PS- new poll going up. I've been informed I should grow a beard for the whole trip. What do you think?


oliviarae said...

No beard! I don't see the comfort in peddling back to the east coast with a small man growing on your face lol

Anonymous said...

please, PLease, PLEASE grow the beard. It will be so funny. You also will have a good source of protein for all the bugs that will get trapped in it.

szs said...

You better come back with a beard on par with Forest Gump after running across the nation.

Anonymous said...

Dr Ross,
Don't grow the beard!! People are more likely to help you out if you don't look like a serial killer.

Love to pictures!


CerebralSeduction said...


For your own protection I think you should grow a massive man beard, thus reducing advances from salacious suitors while out on the open road to Bears & Furries. <===(-; interpret as you'd like ;-)
(Of course once back in NY safe and sound its smooth as a babies butt again pronto!)

DD from B

PS. PSA~ If you decide to take that excursion to go fishing on Black Lake
*BE WARNED* neither a face full of fur nor any other natural bodily alteration will protect you from the likes of a scaley man-fish.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the beard -- what's the latest on the bike, and are you two on your way yet?

Alex said...

I'll vote no on the beard. You look cuter and more trustworthy without it.

But glad to see you're on the road at last. Do you have like... business cards that you can hand out your blog URL with?

DVS said...

Rossmarino! Bend America over your FUCKING knee and bike that shit.

Brandon Turner said...

Hey Ross! I hope your adventure is going well. Sorry to hear about your bike and hopefully by the time you read this you'll already have gotten it. Also... don't grow the beard! Already some friggen pastor from a Church wouldn't trust you and a beard makes it that much more unsettling. So yeah, if you get on AOL you can IM me sometime at Social Entropy X I wanna verse you at super smash when you get back.

Good luck,
Brandon Turner

Miaface =) said...

hmmm, I say you should grow a beard, bc I think all men look hot with a little scruff on their face, just keep in mind you'll start to look more like a transient and maybe ppl will quit offering you a place to stay- lol, yeah, grow a beard, it'll make for good blogging experiences....