Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chillin in Coulee City

Thursday, June 12th. Josh woke me up at about 8 am. God damn was I pissed at him for that. I was a grumpy bastard, but it was for the best, it got our day started and us up and moving. We broke camp and headed over to the local convenience store for some economy breakfast foods (nutrigrain bars- Oh yea, I feel great!) and 50 cent cookies. Ya know, the breakfast mom makes.

We biked about a mile down the road and I thought i might had forgotten my bike lock at the camp site. We turned around to check, but nope. Nothing there. Turned out later I had it. Better safe than sorry though, no? So we trekked on, pulling into a small town called Orondo. We filled up a bunch of water bottles and prepared for Steven's Pass Jr. (not the actual name) which was another 2ooo foot elevation jump in 8 miles. Not nearly as bad as Steven's but much hotter, so we still took a good couple breaks. The road was long and convoluted but made for some good photos afterwards-

I also took this one, somehow I think Carl will appreciate it...

Dead snake.

After we finally made it to the top of the hill, we found ourselves on level fields. It's wild how quickly we went from arid to farm land. This is literally a mile above the pass. And this really started the easy point of the trip. We had high flat lands with gentle rolling hills. The wind remained at our backs the whole day. We stopped a little town right above the pass called Waterville and filled up on, gasp, water! We also gorged ourselves like fiends.

We also hit our 200th mile right in the middle of "town"! Milestone 2 of 35ish!

Toward the end of the day, we decided to push our limits and try to head to a town called Coulee City, which was a 40 mile ride from anything. That means 40 miles in the sun and nearly 80 degree heat with no chances to fill up our canteens. Seemed like a fun challenge although slightly nerve wracking.

About half way through the trip we hit a massive downhill. Five miles straight bringing us into this huge canyon. The pictures didn't come out all too well, but the canyon was vast, and had odd lime green moss growing on the yellowish walls. It was really stunning. Perhaps my favorite sight of Eastern Washington.

After climbing out of the canyon (surprisingly not bad, I must be getting better at this) we had another flat 10 mile stretch followed by another 5 miles downhill leading right into Coulee City. It was a pretty cool view coming into town also.

Coulee City was full of surprises for us. We started by checking out the local camp grounds, but decided not to get a camping spot before getting some food... figured hey- maybe some locals would like two really dirty boys to help out?

So after inquiring where "the place" to eat was, we were went in the direction of Couleehan's, the local bar/grill in town. I always feel so gay walking into an establishment in my tight-ass bike shorts, but the shame is lessening. I fear it's not a good thing. Anyway after about 5 minutes in the place the owner, Dan, walks up to us and strikes up a conversation. Turns out he's a very pro-biker guy and offered us a small plot of land to pitch a tent on! Score! No cost of sleeping tonight. Not to mention the place had a bathroom and shower. Double score! I bought that man a beer (or so I hope the waitress brought him one) and we stuffed our face with steak, fries, and salad. I really liked Coulee City, I highly advise anyone going through Washington to swing by and definitely go to Couleegans. It's conveniently located on Main Street in Downtown Coulee City, you can't miss it! Just tell him the crazy boys on the bike sent you. I can't imagine they get all too many.

Speaking of which, while we were there, a Scottish man walked up to us and started talking. Turns out him and his wife are also biking cross country. They had started down in Texas and pretty much came the opposite way we were going. He was a real fountain of information. Glad we ran into him.

From there we simply pitched our tent and called it a night. Good people. Fun place. Go to Couleegan's!

Trip Summary
Day's mileage- 62.45
Total mileage- 241.45


miaface =) said...

of course you guys are now pros at making friends, the pics are beautiful!!!!

Me said...

I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.

Aldaris said...

Greetings, Executor. Though we all grieve for the loss of mighty Tassadar, we must find the resolve to carry on. He sacrificed himself to destroy the Overmind, but many Zerg still rage across our ruined homeworld. Without the Conclave to lead us, or the protection of our great fleets, it seems we must fend for ourselves.