Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Monday, June 16th. Josh woke up before me and actually let me sleep. How kind. He got some stuff ready, pulled the food from the tree and sat peacefully updating his notebook (a lesser version of my amazing blog). I woke up about a half hour later, refreshed. Doesn't Josh look so peaceful writing away? How cute.

We got a moderately early start and headed north toward the next town on our path- Sandpoint. On the way we ran into this cool old man who rides his bike around town getting groceries and whatnot. I'm jealous of his helmet mirror. The road into Sandpoint also had a really cool bridge. Like a mile long or more over this pretty scenic view. I took a buncha pics and a video, but I won't bore you with it all. Hell, half of you won't even know it existed because you only look at the pictures and don't read this!

Sandpoint was a nice little town. About 8000 people, and very biker conscious. There were bike paths everywhere, and nice wide shoulders. Definitely a very affluent and rich town- probably the richest one we've been to yet. Josh had finally decided it was time to ship some gear home so we went to the post office and Josh took about 47 hours to go through all his gear and mail home ~15 pounds of gear. A smart move on his part. I also mailed home ~4 pounds of gear. Nothing major.

We wandered over to a nice little pizza place and bought a delicious pizza. The employee thought we couldn't handle a 16'' pizza ourselves. She was greatly mistaken. Do not underestimate my stomach woman! Afterward Josh spent 47 more hours in the hardware store. I layed under a tree, digested, and made phone calls. It was really nice.

I met a pretty nice man while running a few errands. A real pleasant man named Lou. Classy man, let me tell you. Definitely retired. Definitely rich out of his mind. He offered us a place to stay for the night, and for the first time ever we had to turn him down- only because we had only biked 15ish miles for the day I believe. So anyway, we left Sandpoint heading southeast on highway 200 toward Missoula.

The ride was pretty uneventful. We biked, the scenery was pretty cool. A nice winding river and some shear cliffs. Take a look...

We met a really weird man as we turned the finally bends of the lake. I don't recall his name but he was a reverend from Germany. Now, before everyone goes off on me for going off on a reverend, hear me out! So I meet this guy, and he just had a weird vibe. Very... in your face, tell you how it should be before he even knew what was going on. Giving me directions, telling me how to bike what to see. Alright, granted he seemed like a more seasoned biker than I, but I knew what I was after on this trip. Turns out this guy had been biking for FIFTEEN years. Yes, biking since like 1990. Absurdity. He had nearly 200,000 miles on his bike and was heading the same direction as us. I dunno though, I just had a weird vibe. You'd think a man who'd biked so much would be a bit more in shape and capable. I mean we literally blasted past the poor man on the road, and I was in no grand shape myself. I dunno. He had the helmet strap tanline to prove his proficiency... I just had a bad feeling about it all.

So anyway, we biked about another 40 miles and came across a beautiful sight, one that came unexpectedly soon...

A whole freaking time zone! Go us! We're so damn good. Little did we know, this was also the Montana border. Apparently the Big Sky State just doesn't like to announce it's existence. Save time zone signs.

About another 3 miles down the road we came to a National Forest campgrounds. Josh was eager to push on for the day- wanting a place to find water. I figured there'd be water at the site and since it was nearly 7 I talked him into camping there for the night. Total. Worth. It. First off, some important information to anyone in the West... National Forest are FREE campsites. No charges. Period. Now, there was no water, but we purified a creek and that worked. Let me tell you though, it was the perfect campsite beyond that. This gorgeous lake, and Josh and myself make Spaghetti O's sandwiches. Mmmm.

We set up camp and slept uncomfortably close to each other. Like usual. Welcome to Montana. Good night.

Trip Summary
Day's mileage- 59.72
Total mileage- 465.72

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