Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ok, I'm trying to update when I can. I'm a busy man writing 100 postcards (literally). I added a new poll, and linked my good bud Ian's blog. When you guys run out of stuff on mine, go check out some other peoples! That's all for now. Ross out.


CerebralSeduction said...

Ross, after being gypped by the brevity of your posts lol :-))~ I checked out your "bud" Ian's blog and was surprised to find someone more passionate about Pearl Jam than I am! PJ is hands down one of the best bands you will ever see live. Not only do they go all out for the fans, they sound incredible. There are few rockers like Eddie Vedder, he's not about masturbating his ego on stage, or scanning the crowd for a hook up, he is there to swill wine and rock out. I was at a PJ concert and between songs this girl got up on a guys shoulders then hoisted up her top, screaming "EDDIE!" He looked at her and in a disgusted tone said "What? Am I supposed to be impressed by those mosquito bites?Pull your shirt down. Do something useful, get an education, vote." A rock star more impressed by a woman's intellectual development than her physical development, that's as rare as panning a sewer for gold and getting lucky.

Yeppers Ross, you sure do have a friend with good taste in music there toots!

M'lady D out ;-))

PS.Ross, with you in mind, I took your suggestion earlier and had a couple potato chips. They were soooo good I could have eaten the whole damn bag! Already tired and intent on a nap, the carbs further enhanced my drowsiness, and soon I was napping like babe in arms. ZzzZzz Potato chips an organic sleep aid! Who knew!

MiaFace =) said...

btw, it was wonderful to receive your postcard.... it cracked me up because I asked you if you were sending me a bear, and you said "not a bear" but it did have deer on the the front :) keep on biking and don't get hurt!!!!!! I'll pray that people offer you free food and a place to stay!

Me said...

Ian's article got a bit mushy at the end, but it's true, Ross, you're the fucking man.

szs said...

Thanks for the postcard, rossypoo~!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross...its Mabel...thought I would say hello. YOu rock and I love you