Saturday, July 5, 2008

Laundry Nazi Ruins My Day

Friday, June 20th. The campsite was rather pleasant. Not too much noise or anything going on. Just the sound of the steam off in the distance. We decided to attempt to be efficient with our time and wanted to start our laundry first thing so we didn't have to wait too long to get a move on. When we got to the laundry room 3 of 4 washers were in use. Fuck. We put Josh's clothes in and waited.

Showers, shaves, and gorging of food commenced. It was so nice to have been showered. I felt bad, Josh and myself used all the hot water and the two neighboring campers, a father son combo, were shocked at the "lack of hot water at these facilities." Oopsies~ We broke camp and I got fed up with waiting for the ass who used all 3 washers to take their stuff out of the machines. I mean, the clothes were cleaned but no one had taken them out for 30 minutes. I pulled the typical college move, taking their clothes out putting it on the table, putting mine in. Right as I was placing my stuff in the washer, the owner of the abandoned clothes came in, apologizing for her tardiness. On top of that she took ALL the driers, so I couldn't get Josh's stuff dry. Wow. I even asked her "Are you in a rush? You staying around today? Mind if I use ONE of the driers?" Oh but apparently she was in a rush and couldn't spare one. Super bitch.

So we ate more and I took pictures of turkeys that patrolled the lots. I tried to get some wifi to update and charged my electronics. All in all though it was a waste of time all because Uber-Bitch wanted to waste my time. She sat around all day after she was done too. Enjoying her victory in ruining my day. I hope she reads this. Just so she knows she sucks. Hey lady- you suck.

Eventually we hit the road, albeit late. We biked down 90 and got to some weird signs. Apparently this area is known for it's "Testicle Festival" which I could only had presumed had to do with Rocky Mountain Oysters. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, I believe they're deep fried bull testicles. Or some variety of bull nuts. How... uhh... delectable.

We biked until a small town called Drummond. We stopped to grab some food and water and they had a nice little restaraunt. We chatted and I asked about the testicle festival. "What is it?" to which the local replied "What isn't it?" Ok. "Well what happens at it?" Reply- "What doesn't happen at it?" Only a little annoying. But eventually I got the truth out. Apparently it's just a giant orgy. A bunch of random people. Going at it. Probably on the table I ate breakfast on today. Ew. Thank God Josh didn't know that or he'd probably never feel clean again.

By the time dinner ended it was surprisingly already 6:30. Josh wasn't feeling much like biking and when he wants to quit- it usually means we quit. A pathetic 30ish mile day, but hey.. we ate lots of candy bars. And that always makes it a quality day. Check this out too. How much do babysitters get in your local area? 8/hour? 10/hour? 15/hour? How humble of this little girl...

3/hour! Unbelievable!

So we set up camp at a local park. A local told us it was 10/night and we didn't really have to pay if we didn't have the cash. Granted, we don't really have the cash, and Josh felt bad. So we paid. I tried to jump in the river to cool off/cleanse myself, but the bottom was all mud and I kept sinking, pulling my ankle bandaids off (from my 360 spill back in Seattle). I gave up once I was waste deep and went back to have my soul sucked by mosquitoes. Little bastards. Tons of em. Theme of the day though- we're lazy bastards. We eat tons of food. Mosquitoes love me.

Trip Summary
Day's mileage- 31.53
Total mileage- 678.32


Anonymous said...

3 dollars an hour is a pretty standard babysitting rate for more than one child.

A.L.F. said...

I will be visiting this town one day during said festival.